Art Clay Silver Slow Tarnish ST Syringe Type 10g A-0093 Precious Metal Clay PMC

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Art Clay Silver Slow Tarnish (ST) is the first of its kind. This is the world’s first slow tarnish paste that would keep their silver beauty and brightness for a long time with easy care.

Silver products, whether they are made of pure silver or sterling silver, have the tendency to tarnish due to the chemical reaction between the metal and the air. Art Clay products tarnish slower than sterling silver, but ST tarnishes even slower!

It’s great for repairing cracks, draw patterns and texture, or attach to a different piece.  

Silver clay is pure silver suspended in a clay binder and is burnt away once it’s fired, leaving pure silver in the shape that it was moulded prior to firing. This clay maintains its 99% high quality silver with a fine finish after firing at 800 degrees centigrade (1472 degrees fahrenheit) for 30 minutes with 8 - 9% shrinkage.

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