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Seiwa Leathercraft Horse Oil Leather Treatment Balm & Conditioner Paste, Large

This premium, deep penetrating leathercraft and leather conditioning treatment is by far our best, made from rendered horse fat this horse oil is a non-greasy formula will bring your old, dry or damaged leather back to life far better than other treatments. Please note, as with all leather oils and waxes, this product may permanently darken your leather, not suitable for suede.

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You're looking at a 100ml bottle of horse oil. A uniquely Japanese leather treatment that's coveted as one of the most superior treatments for leather in existence today.

Created from the deodorised rendering of horse fat, this oil is similar to mink oil, but, less greasy, with thinner gel-like properties and more manageable, also it will not stain most leather as mink oil will. Care should be taken to use sparingly, especially with thin leather.

To use this Seiwa Leathercraft Horse Oil Leather Treatment Balm & Conditioner Paste, Large, simply apply horse oil with fingers or a soft cloth to your leather in a circular motion, repeat as necessary.

Horse oil, otherwise known as 'Mustang Paste', will revitalise your leather without the risk of rot that Neatsfoot oil or other blended compounds bring and, unlike wax treatments, it will penetrate the dermas and nourish the grain of your leather without leaving an oily residue. Unlike almost all other types of treatments, Horse oil is odourless which is ideal for most, if not all, types of leather goods and wear.

A deep penetrating balm, Horse Oil will permeate the grain of the leather into the corium, thereby softening it. Suitable for all kinds of leather this is the only conditioner your should use for your most precious of leather goods. Get the ultimate in leather conditioning today. Please note that the application of this balm to your leather, like all balms, may permanently darken it, especially if your leather is a lighter coloured leather. Not suitable for suede or similar types of leather.

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