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Seiwa Adjustable Leathercraft Pro Stitching Groover Set to Sew & Crease Leather

The original pro stitching groover, this quality leathercraft tool has been imitated but never to the standard of the original. Truly a 4-in-1 tool, it's great for freehand leather creasing and grooving or edge creasing and grooving. Unlike other older designs, this leather tool allows you to exert control directly on the centreline of your creasing or grooving, not offset pressure, allowing for great accuracy and more professional results.

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You're looking at the ORIGINAL Pro Groover Set, made in Japan.

Don't buy cheap imitations, demand the original item.

This outstanding, fully adjustable tool includes:

  1. An edge stitching groover for giving hand stitched or lock stitched leather a recessed look, making the surface of the project smooth,
  2. A free hand groover for carving or creating a recess for stitching,
  3. An edge creaser for aesthetically attractive and stronger edges,
  4. A free hand creaser, for carving and decorating.

Simply use the Allen key to replace the blade with the creaser or vice-versa. By loosening the bolster you can adjust the spacer arm or remove it altogether.

The groover blade is 1mm wide at the cutting edge, and can cut grooves 1mm in width or finer depending on the pressure exerted while grooving.

Why clutter your work space with excess tools? This versatile tool, with its adjustable and removable spacer arm and blade / creasing edge, allows you to press directly on the cutting / creasing edge giving you less slips and a more consistent groove or crease compared to standard groovers and creasers.

Made of high quality wood and steel, this outstanding tool will give you years of use. Replacement blades and creasers are available.

Item ID 20730
Condition New
Model SWA28929
Manufacturer Seiwa
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 90 g