Michihamono Japanese Wood Carving Tool 3mm Skew Angled Short Bent Chisel

Carve to your heart's content with this premium wood carving chisel. The blade is accompanied by a long handle, making the tool easy to hold.

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What you see before you is a fantastic woodcarving chisel. This notable tool features a long wooden handle that's nice and light. The ergonomic design also provides a comfortable grip, making the tool easy to hold and therefore easy to work with.

At the end of the handle is the trusty blade. The spoon bent or shortbent chisel is great for adding layers to pieces of clearing out the background of a relief carving. The tempered steel blade is small but sharp. This outstanding blade's angle makes it an excellent choice for carving into crevices or other hard to reach places.

This extraordinary tool is a great value for money. Quality made in Japan.

Please note: The background grid in the picture is in square millimetres.

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